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Nepal is incredible for birds - the remarkable diversity of altitude and habitat, from grasslands at little more than sea level to the highest peaks of the Himalaya, is reflected in the sheer variety of species - over 850 species of bird have been recorded here, more than in any other region of comparable size in Asia.


This is one of Asia's most fascinating countries.  Straddling the central Himalaya, Nepal is dominated by mountains which provide a universally spectacular backdrop, punctuated by colourful Buddhst stupas, Hindu temples and royal palaces.  Once one of the most isolated an inaccessible places on earth, geographically and by choice, Nepal opened it borders little over a half-century ago, allowing birders to explore some of the best birding locations in the Indian subcontinent.


During the winter months resident avifauna is enhanced by Palaearctic migrants, with excellent opportunities for large mammals, including Tiger and Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, in the lowlands. 


NP001 - Spotted Forktail

Nepal - Kathmandu valley & the terai grasslands

Tour Code: NP001 / 12 days

This comprehensive tour covers the three best birding localities in Nepal, from the mid-altitudes of the Kathmandu Valley to the grasslands and forests that flank the Himalaya.  Expect a rich assemblage of birds, large congregations of waterfowl, and some of Asia's most iconic large mammals.