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Nestled between India and Tibet, the Kingdom of Bhutan presents an alluring invitation to explore the most extensive tracts of broad-leaved and subtropical forest remaining in the bird-rich Eastern Himalaya.  To its people, Bhutan goes by the name Druk Yul, or the mysterious 'Land of the Thunder Dragon'.  Isolated for centuries by its mountainous terrain, this land is home to one of the least disturbed cultures in the world, with timeless traditions and Buddhist beliefs, and one that guards its natural heritage with pride.


Measuring just 100 miles from north to south, and 200 miles from east to west, Bhutan encompasses a remarkable variety of ecosystems.  Lying at the junction of two biogeographic realms this land exhibits properties of the temperate Palaearctic and tropical Indo-Malayan, which together with extreme variation in climate and altitude, contribute to the mosaic of habitats and rich assemblage of species.  Bhutan itself can be divided into three major geographic zones - the low plains and valleys of the south, the mid-altitude forests, and the mountains of the inner Himalaya that form the edge of the Tibetan Plateau.  Agriculture is limited to narrow valley floors, and a vast network of inaccessible valleys, whose forests cover almost two thirds of the total land area, are a stronghold of Eastern Himalayan species, left undisturbed as a result of a low population density, and approachable as a result of the respect for nature shown by the Buddhist culture.


BN001 - Blood Pheasant

Bhutan - east to west

Tour Code: BN001 / 20 days

An exhilarating and comprehensive tour of Bhutan, the epitome of Himalayan birding.  Enigmatic Eastern Himalayan specialities are found here in pristine hill forests that emerge into high passes and alpine meadows, home to sought-after and spectacular Himalayan pheasants.