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Northwest India


The states of Gujarat and neighbouring Rajasthan encompass a region of astounding ecological significance.  The enormous variation in the intensity of the southwest monsoon produces a marked decrease in rainfall from the southern coast of peninsular Gujarat to the border with Pakistan at India's northwest extremity.  The resulting variation in habitat, from desert with vast saline flats, to large tracts of deciduous woodland and tropical savannah grasslands, all found within relative proximity of the extensive coastline, is naturally reflected in the remarkable diversity of resident species found in the region.


Kutch district of northern Gujarat, along with western Rajasthan, receives the most limited rainfall.  Despite appearances however these peripheral parts of the Thar desert are rich in enigmatic desert birds, most crucially much of the remaining population of Great Indian Bustard.  Parts of Kutch - the Great and Little Ranns, transformed by geological uplift and marine transgression into vast saline flats well-suited to the growth of nutritious grasses, support some critically endangered grassland species.  In addition, with Kutch lying on an important migration route within the Central Asian Flyway, water trapped in natural depressions becomes the focus of migratory waterfowl in their thousands during the winter months. 


This region hosts some of India's most sought after birds, from the desert specialities of Kutch and Rajasthan to the diverse selection of waders found along the coast, and woodland species of the south.  Mammal diversity is equally significant: Gujarat is home to the last populations of Asiatic Lion and Asiatic Wild Ass, among an interesting selection of smaller desert mammals.  This is a fascinating region to travel through, with a vast remoteness in parts and a unique desert culture.



Gujarat - Kachchh & Kathiawar

Tour Code: NW001 / 15 days

Gujarat is a region of outstanding significance, its variety of habitats reflected in the diversity of resident birds, from coastal species to desert specialities, and hosting migratory waterbirds in their thousands during the winter months.


Desert Specialities of Kutch

Tour Code: NW002 / 11 days

Of Gujarat's many habitats the desert wilderness of India's largest protected area, the Great and Little Ranns of Kutch, are the most significant, home to India's most sought-after desert birds.

NW003 - Great Indian Bustard

Rajasthan & Gujarat

Tour Code: NW003 / 15 days (19 days with tour extension)

An in-depth exploration of India's arid northwest, seemingly inhospitable yet home to a great diversity of species that includes numerous regional endemics and sought-after specialities of the fascinating desert environment.