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Goa is a former Portuguese enclave, now India's smallest state, located in the Konkan region along the west coast of peninsular India, the Arabian Sea forming its 110km coastline.  It has long been a popular destination for birders, enticed by the diversity of birdlife and remarkable ease of birding.


Broadly speaking, Goa can be dissected into three ecological regions, the low-lying coastal plain with its mangrove-lined estuaries and marshes, the central dry, rocky plateau of scrub and savannah grassland, and the undulating forested interior of the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats.  The Western Ghats, the range of low mountains extending for more than 1500km parallel to the west coast of peninsular India, are renowned as one of the most ecologically rich regions in the world and a treasure-trove of endemics.  From an ecological perspective the forests of the ghats are Goa's most significant habitat, while the close proximity of the ghats to the sea results in a rapid variation in habitat across Goa's breadth that is reflected in the significant diversity of species found within its borders.  Furthermore, Goa is situated at the junction of Konkan, Malabar (southern coastal) and Deccan (central peninsular) fauna, elements of all of which are evident in Goa's ecology.


Goa has a birdlist of over 450 species, including 16 of the 28 species considered endemic or near-endemic to the Western Ghats.  A small area, combined with a well-developed infrastructure, makes it possible for the most productive of Goa's birding localities to be thoroughly covered within a short timeframe without the need of lengthy travel, and given a couple of weeks it is possible to reach a species list of 250-310 comprising regional endemics, more widespread Indian species, and overwintering migrants.  In addition Goa, along with the Uttara Kannada district of neighbouring Karnataka, is notable for its considerable diversity of butterflies, with over 250 recorded species this is second only to Kerala'a Palghat Gap in the entire 1500km stretch of the Western Ghats.



Goa - from the coast to the Sahyadri Hills

Tour Code: GA001 / 14 days

A former Portuguese enclave along the west coast of peninsular India, Goa has long been popular among visiting birders, enticed by the diversity of birdlife, well-developed infrastructure, and remarkable ease of birding. 


Goa - birds and butterflies

Tour Code: GA002 / 14 days

Throughout Goa, the rapid variation in habitat from the Arabian Sea coast to the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats is reflected in the rich diversity of species, which includes over 450 species of birds and 250 butterflies.