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Custom tours

Custom Tours


In addition to our scheduled tours, all of our pre-designed itineraries can be run as custom tours for individuals, couples or groups.  If you can't find a pre-designed itinerary that fits your travel needs why not ask us to create a custom-designed itinerary just for you.


A large percentage of our tours each year are custom-designed, or follow pre-designed itineraries that have been customised in some way.  We have extensive experience in creating personalised itineraries and can organise custom tours to all areas covered by our pre-designed itineraries as well as most other destinations in the region.  We can also organise custom extensions to any of our scheduled departure tours or pre-designed itineraries.


Custom tours can have advantages over scheduled departure tours - they are inherently more flexible and entirely adaptable to your own needs.  They are ideal for those who prefer to travel independently or as a group of friends, those with limited holiday time, or with specific target species, with costs often comparable to scheduled departure tours.


Just get in touch, and we will gladly offer information and advice in creating an itinerary which meets your requirements.  


Consider including the following details in your email to help us give you the most suitable suggestions: 

  • Number of people travelling
  • Age range
  • Any particular places (specific sites or more general regions) you wish to visit
  • Any particular species you wish to see
  • Approximate tour start date, or more general time of year if you are more flexible
  • Desired tour duration


Contact us to begin planning your visit to India and let us do the rest.