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Client testimonials


Below are some comments from our past clients. 

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‘...thanks to Leio and you for a fine trip to India in April. 481 bird species and three tigers...’ Stig Holmstedt, Sweden (NE India – Assam Plains & the Eastern Himalaya followed by Central India (Bandhavgarh), custom tour, Apr 2015)



‘Hi Jenny. We had a fantastic trip everything to our satisfaction... But the most important was the trip with your nice husband with all his knowledge and his good humour.’ Hans & Ann-Christine Lomosse, Sweden (NE India – Assam Plains & the Eastern Himalaya, custom tour, Mar 2015)



'The tour ran like clockwork!  Our guide, Lokesh, was friendly, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  The various accommodations we stayed in were to a high standard and the local food was terrific.  Transport between sites was in a comfortable mini-bus.  The wildlife was fantastic, we managed great views of tigers and gharial with too many birding highlights to mention.  Seeing the Himalayas for the first time in my life was breathtaking.  All in all a wonderful trip that was excellent value for money.  Go if you get the chance!' Steve Williams, W. Yorkshire, UK (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Mar 2015)



Dear Jenny, Elisabeth and I are now back in Sweden since Monday night, tired but happy. It was a most wonderful trip, and I want to thank you, Leio and Lokesh for making it so. I especially appreciated the care you take in looking after your customers, your kindness and efficiency. All arrangements were perfect, the other group members proved to be very good companions, and Lokesh was a most wonderful guide: excellent birder and a nice man, observant and supportive of the one member of the group that was a bit older. This will certainly not be the last time we go with India Nature Tours: in the meantime I thank you once again for this experience and ask you to pass on our warmest greetings to Leio and Lokesh.’ Jonas & Elisabeth Ellerstrom, Sweden (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Mar 2015)



'Our trip to Sri Lanka will remain long in our thoughts. Stunning scenery...friendly and happy people! Nature is amazing and many encounters with... beautiful birds.’ Kenneth Rosen & Inga-Lena Karlsson, Sweden (Sri Lanka, custom tour, Feb 2015)



'The organisation was flawless as ever. The two guides were good and worked very hard to give us a great time... All in all a great trip. Thank you.' Dick & Jean Temple, N. Yorkshire - UK (Kerala’s Cardamom Hills plus Endemics of the Andaman Islands, custom tour, Feb 2015)



‘Thanks for organising our trip, everything went smoothly and we had a great time. We managed to see nearly everything we had hoped to see, and some things we didn't expect! We saw 255 species of birds, a total that I did not really expect, and got most of our target mammals... Thanks again for your organisation.’ Mark & Fran Sullivan, Aberdeen - UK (Gujarat – Kutch & Kathiawar, custom tour, Jan 2015)



‘Just to say a huge thank you for organising our recent trip to Nepal. It was wonderful and Suchit was a terrific guide. Everything went very well indeed and the accommodation was perfect. We will certainly be recommending our trip to friends at home.’ Phil & Carolyn Hall, Norfolk - UK (Nepal – Kathmandu Valley & the Terai Grasslands, custom tour, Jan 2015)



‘What a wonderful bird trip!!! Amazing, marvellous, magnificent, fantastic, tremendous ... It was really a pleasure to bird in Sri Lanka. Friendly smiling people, a green country, sunny weather, plenty of good and tasty food... The best ever bird guide I met: never tired, always on the run, walking with his scope... taking care of the birders... very friendly. Thank you very much. I already recommended this tour to friends.’  Christian Dortu, Belgium (Sri Lanka – birds & mammals, scheduled departure tour, Jan 2015)



‘This was a superb trip which we both enjoyed greatly.  Everything went so smoothly from start to finish – possibly the smoothest trip I’ve ever been on. Transport & logistics were great, the hotels and rest houses we stayed at were good, clean and comfortable. Dulan is a fine leader, excellent at finding the birds and also very attentive to the needs of all members of the group.  The programme worked very well.  Your pre-departure briefing notes were thorough and impressive. It was a real pleasure to renew our acquaintance with the Subcontinent flora & fauna, and Ken and I are already thinking about our next visit. In the meantime, thank you for a most enjoyable and rewarding trip.’ Godfrey Blunt & Ken Claxton, Shropshire - UK (Sri Lanka – birds & mammals, scheduled departure tour, Jan 2015)



'... we had a fantastic holiday in Sri Lanka.  The group saw all the endemic birds and lots of wildlife.  Dulan is an excellent guide who gave us in addition to birds, mammals and reptiles, lots of cultural experiences... I can thoroughly recommend this holiday!'  Alison & John Hawcroft, Derbyshire - UK (Sri Lanka - birds & mammals, scheduled departure tour, Jan 2015)



‘It was a very successful trip and the weather stayed away until the very end so we managed full birding days and nights. The first evening we managed good views of the Serendib Scops Owl - what a way to start! There was some great moments - particularly at Sinharaja where we went deep into the bush at dawn to get a roosting view of another Serendib Scops. The food and accommodation ranged from the extremely good at Udawalawe to the decidedly basic at Sinharaja! But I enjoyed it all in large part down to Dulan who was a marvellous companion, friendly, expert, and tireless. Thank you for organising the trip. Logistically it went like clockwork and the choice of sites and the amount of time spent at each was just right...I will be back.’ Nick Blackwood, Surrey - UK (Sri Lanka, custom tour, Dec 2014)



‘Just to tell you all the participants and myself really enjoyed the trip, it was great!’ Joao Jara (Birds & Nature Tours), Lisbon - Portugal (Goa plus Ranthambhore, Bharatpur & the Chambal River, custom tour, Nov 2014)



‘We just wanted to thank you for setting up such a wonderful pre-tour trip for us.  Vernon called it Monuments, Mammals and Kipling and that describes it pretty well.  Basically, we were happy with the places we went, the parks we visited and the pace.  Everything went smoothly.  I was not sure about going to Satpura.  The fact that walking safaris were available indicated to me that there were probably not many animals.  How wrong I was!  We saw Leopard, Sloth Bear and Dhole at Satpura . . . and that was the only place we saw them.  We were thrilled by the Tiger at Bandhavgarh; although she was quite static, it allowed us time to look carefully at her pattern, feet, etc. We were also happy with Deepak who was a good companion and careful driver.  Of course we told Leio how much we enjoyed the birding part of the tour, but we would like to reiterate that as well.  He was a great guide... the organization and pace were well thought out and were extremely good.  We may have had to wait until retirement to visit India, but India was worth the wait.’ Vernon & Winona Howe, California - USA (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Oct 2014, with custom pre-tour extension to Central India)



‘Hi Leio, I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your work during my trip to India, and all the great birds, wildlife, and countryside we saw during the 2 weeks.  I had a great time on the trip, and appreciate all you did.  It was really good getting to know you, and I sure hope we see each other again some day.’ Kirk Huffstater, USA (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Oct 2014).

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‘Hello Leio and Lokesh, thank you very much for the wonderful birding in India.  In spite of my difficulty seeing some of the birds, I had a wonderful time.  I really appreciate how helpful and patient both of you were.  Patience and laughter make a significant contribution towards a good trip.  Thanks, too, for helping with the photos!  (Jenny, I know that you did a lot behind the scenes to makes everything go so smoothly.  Thanks to you, too!)’ Shelley Rutkin, USA (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Oct 2014).

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‘Many thanks for the fantastic trip to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh: from thin air and icy lakes in Sela Pass via ancient mountain forests of Eaglenest to heat of +33 C in Kaziranga, Brahmaputra valley. Naturally we must not forget neither Sultanpur wetlands, slightly disgusting Guwahati damp, Nameri NP with gentle Jia Bhorelli river nor beautiful Mandala road. Birds were numerous, most unforgettable of which were probably Greater Adjudant, White-winged duck, Ibisbill, Pale-headed woodpecker, Long-billed plover, Grandala, Black-tailed crake, Solitary snipe, Spotted, Pygmy and Long-billed wren-babblers, Sultan tit, Bugun liocichla, Fire-tailed myzornis and Bengal florican. From big mammals we got a Tiger, and tens of Rhinos, Wild water buffalos and Wild elephants. This was my 9th trip to India, and I still got 114 lifers. So much differs the avifauna of Northeastern India from Goa and Northern India. Pertti Rasp & Vuokko Jernfors, Finland (NE India – Assam Plains & the Eastern Himalaya, custom tour, Feb 2014).  

View Pertti’s image gallery for this tour:



‘We had a very interesting tour in North India and Himalayan foothills. Many different landscapes and villages to go through. Lovely and individual accomodation with good Indian food. And so many birds, and a tiger! Thank you. Pertti Rasp & Vuokko Jernfors, Finland (North India & the Foothills of the Western Himalaya, scheduled-departure tour, Feb 2013). 

View Pertti’s image gallery for this tour:



'The arrangements and logistics ran like clockwork, with everything falling into place according to plan... As expected, some of the photography was quite hard work, but the quality of birding made up for it and we came away with a good haul of images.  All in all, we had a great trip, with a final bird list of around the 400 mark, and lots of reasons to go back again!  Thanks for making sure it went so smoothly!' Bill Baston, Suffolk - UK (NE India: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, custom tour, Mar 2012)



'I'd just like to add my thanks to Bill's message.  Everything was incredibly well organised and allowed us to concentrate on the birds, which were excellent, what a superb area for birding.  Thank you very much. Kit Day, Suffolk - UK (NE India: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, custom tour, Mar 2012) 



'We had a really wonderful time...the accommodation that you arranged was superb, as were the food, vehicles, drivers and guides...a big thank you for making the arrangements and providing us with an experience that went smoothly, comfortably, and enjoyably' Gordon & Susan McAdam, Irvine-UK (Gujarat: Kutch and the Kathiawar Peninsula, custom tour, Feb 2012)



'I was very pleased with the tour...and I'll be recommending you to others!  I saw 43 new birds in total, more than I'd expected.  More to the point, we saw almost all of my 'top target' species' Richard Byrne, St. Andrews - UK (Southern India, custom tour, Jan 2012)



'The tour was very successful: I saw almost all of the target species, and a few I had not expected...Thanks very much for all of your work in organizing this trip' Matthew Koch, Victoria - Canada (Goa & Gujarat, custom tour, Dec 2011)



'We all arrived in Finland safely and heads full of happy memories!  Day after day our 'Great Gujarat Tour' grows greater and greater!' Antero Jarvinen, Finland (Gujarat: Kutch and the Kathiawar Peninsula, custom tour, Nov 2011) 



‘… the first thing I want to do is thank you for all that you did to make our tour in India one of the finest travel experiences I've ever had. I feel that way personally and I've heard it from several members of the group as well. You can be very proud of your operation and I'm sure you'll be quite successful in the future if you continue with that level of service. We ended up with 364 species of birds and 22 mammals; those numbers rival anyplace in Central America and are close to what you would expect on a comparable length trip in Ecuador, which is considered nirvana by American birders.’ Jan Hansen, Otus asio Tours, North Carolina - USA (North India and the foothills of the western Himalaya, Mar 2011)



‘We had a brilliant trip to Northern India. The birding was excellent ... John's India birdlist is now longer than his America list and longer even than his Western Palaearctic list! We really liked the accommodation … the service was in nearly every case outstanding. The food was fabulous! … We knew what to expect from our guides and were in no way disappointed once again.’ Alison & John Hawcroft & Mary Buck, Derbyshire - UK (North India and the foothills of the western Himalaya, scheduled departure tour, Jan 2011)



‘The tour was terrific! Couldn´t be better!’ Peter Nilsson, Sweden (North India and the foothills of the western Himalaya, scheduled departure tour, Jan 2011)



‘Last week we returned from India after completing a nice and successful birding trip. We have managed to see almost all target species, and the trip list includes around 350 birds. Thank you for helping us to organize this tour!’ Attila Simay & Katalin Nevelits, Hungary (Gujarat and North India, custom tour, Jan 2011)



‘with India Nature Tours, for a very reasonable cost I was able to see many rare and beautiful species while enjoying comfortable accommodation; India Nature's guides are second to none.’ Matthew Koch, Victoria - Canada (Kumaon Himalaya, custom tour, Nov 2010)